Lonfrote Stars Natural Silk Sleep Mask, Smooth Blindfold with Carry Pouch for Travel, Relax, Shift Workers, Super Soft Fabric (Blue)

January 20, 2017 - Comment

We’re committed to the design of sleep mask, to bring customers the high-quality sleep is our mission. We’re not produce sleep mask, we’re the designer of sleep mask. Why do you need to use sleep mask?✔ Suffering from headache, insomnia✔ Travelling by plane, camping, on vacation✔ Need to enhance the quality of sleeping✔ Shift workers

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We’re committed to the design of sleep mask, to bring customers the high-quality sleep is our mission. We’re not produce sleep mask, we’re the designer of sleep mask.

Why do you need to use sleep mask?
✔ Suffering from headache, insomnia
✔ Travelling by plane, camping, on vacation
✔ Need to enhance the quality of sleeping
✔ Shift workers who sleep during daytime
✔ Light sleepers or sensitive of light

Why choose us?
✔ Comfortable silk filling soft your skin
✔ Block out unwanted light perfectly
✔ Easily adjust buckle not grab your hair
✔ Light weight and breathable
✔ Release your facial stress and reducing eye wrinkles and dark circles

How to care for it?
✔ Hand wash or machine wash by the washing mode of silk wash with warm water, separately from other cloths.
✔ Hang dry and do not expose the sleep mask under the strong sunlight, do not use the dryer drying.
✔ Ironing the sleep mask after slightly damp and set the iron at low-temperature mode, do not iron it directly but lay a layer of cotton or linen.

What will you get?
✔ 1 Soft natural silk sleep mask
✔ 1 Dust-proof satin carry pouch

✔ The silk sleep mask may have little difference of picture because of shooting or display and other reasons, please take physical design and color shall prevail.
✔ The silk sleep mask’s appearance may asymmetrical that because they are made by hand.

If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfy of the product, return it and we’ll give you the full refund timely. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. If you are happy with it, we would be grateful for an Amazon review.

Product Features

  • ✔HELP-YOU-SLEEP PATTERN: Exclusive stars pattern combine with its natural tones makes the quiet environment, which increases people’s sleep desire, and helps you have restful sleep
  • ✔BLOCKING OUT LIGHT PERFECTLY: This mask covers your eyes fully, and it has padding fabric at the bridge of nose in the inner side to block out all light, you can sleep in total darkness. Touching your eyes gentle, protecting your skin as smooth as satin, to release your eyes’ and facial pressures
  • ✔BREATHABLE AND DURABLE: Two-sided fabric is seamless stitch by hand, stable sewing not easy to fall apart. The natural silk mask is the best helper let you get a good sleep and it is perfect for travel, naps, yoga or meditation
  • ✔FLEXIBLE ADJUSTABLE BUCKLE & STRAP: Fits all sizes head comfortably with adjustable buckle and strap, we have lengthen the strap to increase the adjustable range to fits all size of head. Never tangle your hair that in position at whole night
  • ✔NATURAL SILKY AND SOFT FABRIC: This mask is filling with nature silk material which is a porous fiber excellent in Hygroscopicity and Moisture Permeability, bring you super soft experience, helping you relax and fall asleep rapidly


Client d'Amazon says:

Totally happy with this sleep mask I’ve never used a sleeping mask before and this was a pleasant surprise for me. It has a soft and stretchy adjustable strap to ensure you get the proper fit. It stays on quite well for the entire night and doesn’t sag or fall off even if you toss and turn a lot. It is very breathable and completely blocks out all light. It is fantastic product, I definitely recommend it to everyone.

Bigare says:

The quality is well and I love this sleep mask so much I found this sleep mask is more comfortable than others. I like the strap is very adjustable and fits a variety of head sizes. I truly think it is a one size fits all. Because this is soft and it does not stimulate your eyes, and it blocks out all light. The supply carry pouch is helpful to keep your mask clean and free from dust when not in use. I love this sleep mask so much.

Amazon Customer says:

So comfy, fits well and the pattern is cute, the design deserve 5 stars When I got this eye mask, it came in a nice plastic bag included eye mask a satin pouch. They are comfortable and soft, I used it for several nights, they are super stylish and fit so well. The strap itself is so soft and not at all troubling. With this eye mask, I’m able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep more soundly throughout the night. 

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