Vitamin D3 Liquid 5000iu Sundown,orange Flavor, Size: 2oz

December 2, 2016 - Comment

VIT D LIQ 5000IU SDWN Product Features VIT D LIQ 5000IU SDWN

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Natina says:

Very good product….. I went to a doctor was told I had a Vitamin D3 deficiency. I found this in a local grocery store. I bought it, tried it, and I love it. Its natural, taste great, no sugar added, no calories. It’s a really good product. i love it and my mother also uses it too. You do have to refrigerate it after opening it but it really works GREAT! I have more energy and feel so much better now that I am takingthis product. I perfer this over the prescritpion pills I was originally required to take.

Michael Luman says:

perfect!! My Vitamin levels were at about 26 in January of 2014…I started taking this at 10,000iu a day. I went back in six weeks to have my labs checked again and it was up to 51…perfect!!! The taste is ok too! Highly recommend!!!

Adeola Babalola says:

I would recommend this to everyone. It tastes great and I’ve seen a huge improvement in my skin and in my energy level. I’d recommend this to everyone.

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